I believe in helping people the best way you can; my way is through my art. But sometimes you need a splash of cold water in your face to make you see the right way to do it

Arthur Mitchell

We don’t all need to be civil-rights leaders or lawyers to help. That splash of cold water can awaken us to the best way we can put our own natural talents and ambitions to use. There are some who teach, some who blaze trails, some who acquire power that will be wielded on our behalf. Let us refrain from blasting those who are contributing in subtler ways; we may have assumed self-centeredness where there is so much more.

What is so valuable—and we often downplay or ignore this—is to give our children confidence, enthusiasm, and the ability to dream. And if we never become parents ourselves, we still have an obligation to “our children,” to the future of African-American people.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will do at least one thing that will help me advance toward one of my goals.

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