My wish is that we would allow this planet to be the beautiful oasis that she is, and allow ourselves to live more in the peace that she generates.

Ronald E. McNair

A filthy environment is degrading to us, to our children, too. It shows lack of respect, lack of vision, hopelessness.

Let’s begin in our homes to do what we can to beautify our world. Recycling cans, bottles, and newspapers is a fine place to start. Making that effort gives us confidence in our ability to make a difference on a global scale.

Let’s raise children who care about the rain forests and who wouldn’t think of dropping gum wrappers on the street—whether it’s in front of our home or a thousand miles away. This world belongs to all of us, so let’s show pride of ownership.

Call to Action:  On this day, when with my child, I pledge to pick up at least one piece of trash off the ground and throw it in the nearby trash can. And I pledge to discuss an environmental issue elsewhere in the world and a concrete way we can take action together to help alleviate it.

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