I’ve heard some of the young people laugh about slave love, but they should envy the love which kept mother and father so close together in life, and even held them in death.

—Alonzo Haywood, former enslaved African-American

Romantic love is one of life’s precious bouquets to us. It has the power to endure all sorts of hardships and disappointments that come our way. But for love to last, we must nurture it. That can be difficult when we are besieged by the demands of work and children. A strong commitment may endure brief stretches of inattention, but eventually requires our notice. We need to be creative in finding ways to focus on one another. Small gestures say “I love you”—a back rub, a museum postcard with a warm message tucked inside a briefcase, or a surprise weekend breakfast in bed.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will make some small gesture of affection to a special person in my life.

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