I never thought I would live to be forty…. I am stronger for confronting the hard issue of breast cancer, of mortality, dying.

Audre Lorde

Most of us do not relish contemplating our mortality. Few of us would say that we’ve accomplished what we hoped to in our lives, and while we may be proud of our efforts thus far—as a parent or a child, a friend or a spouse, a teacher or a social worker—we have a lot more to do!

Let’s treasure each moment that we have, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. Let’s not waste our lives in fear or anger or pain, but break free of all constrictions to live in a way that fulfills us. Let’s express what we feel we need to, and do the things that reward us. Life is too short to waste, and time can never be recaptured.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will take five minutes to think about what I need to do to make my life satisfying, and I will then pledge to do what it takes.

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