I had to become a mother before I realized what a wonderful place in the scheme of things the creator has given woman.

Ida B. Wells

Of course, that’s not always easy to keep in mind, especially when “woman” is trying to put together a meal, help with the homework, entertain a toddler, and rotate loads of laundry, all before paying bills and making the PTA meeting. In that scheme of things, parenthood might start to lose a little of its luster. What we might need to do in the midst of our difficult moments is to think back to the funny joke our son made up, or consider the way our daughter is working so hard on her science project, or recall the attention our eldest paid to our youngest when we were too busy. Little things, but they can help put things into perspective.

Call to Action:  On this day I will take five minutes to remember the joy my child has given me over the years.

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