If murderers come to kill you, you do not say, “I cannot oppose the next stab wound because my life is already forfeit.” No—you fight for your life!

—Hermon George, Jr.

No matter how much we may have Leen wounded—by the blows dealt us through our educational or political systems—we cannot give up. As soon as we surrender, the forces of oppression win. More to the point, we lose.

Certainly there may be times when we just don’t want to fight anymore. Prejudice’s army is large and seems to be constantly replenished, generation after generation. How can we sustain our energy?

It helps to know that our people are there on the front lines with us. When we are wounded, we must yell out for help. And when we hear the cry of others in despair, we must rush to their aid.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will turn my attention to a friend, a relative, or a stranger who is struggling and see what I can do to help.

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