We rarely goes down by ourse’fs.

John Jasper

In a concrete way, most of us are directly responsible to others—children, parents, mates, or spouses. When we cease to function as productive, responsible adults, it is not just we who suffer. While mates or spouses, parents or friends, can disassociate themselves from our harmful ways, children seldom have that opportunity. How sad for them to be dragged down into our misery.

That is why we must make it a priority to stay mentally and spiritually healthy. Allowing ourselves to be seduced by reckless behavior and destructive people or vices is a choice we make. It’s within our power to live healthily; it’s our duty to ourselves to do so.

In living up to our personal responsibilities, we strengthen our family and our community. We are examples of quiet heroism to all around us.

Call to Action: On this day, I will do something for an African-American colleague, friend, acquaintance, or family member. I might simply express happiness that he or she is around and part of my life.

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