A woman sitting on the bed with her legs crossed holding a cup of coffee.


We shouldn’t depend on the outside world for our happiness; we should have our private world where we go for some peace. So we must be careful about how we build our private worlds.

J. California Cooper

Let’s take one minute to examine our private worlds. What do we find there that nurtures us, that gives us pleasure or satisfaction? Have we even allowed ourselves a private world, or are we totally dependent on other people to give our lives meaning?

Sometimes it appears we are quick to fill up our alone time with people and noise and commotion—anything to avoid those moments alone. But it’s through the private times we have with ourselves that we can learn to enjoy our own company. Maybe it’s the way our hands work when we tinker with our car, put up a batch of preserves, knit a sweater, or tend to our herb garden that gives us pleasure. We are all many-faceted people, but we may never get to know ourselves fully if we don’t focus some time and energy on ourselves.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will give myself the time to do something that is meaningful and pleasurable to me.

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