Sometimes the runt pig beats the whole litter growing.

—African-American Proverb

No doubt about it, we of African descent are having a difficult time worldwide. Famine, revolution, AIDS, rampant crime, petty dictators, and political oppression seem sometimes as if they will tear our people asunder. But we mustn’t despair. We must remember the principles that made the African empires of Mali, Ghana, and Songhai grand; the dedication of our freedom movements; the integrity of our greatest individuals. But our return to greatness won’t happen with a five-point plan of a Great Black Leader, nor with the stroke of a pen passing more legislation. It will happen only if each of us takes responsibility for being the strongest link possible between future generations and the past.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will ask myself, “How strong a link between our past and our promise am I? And am I preparing my child to be the strongest link he can be?”

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