You know what religion is? You got ta live religion. You got ta do religion. You got ta live Right.

—Mance Lipscomb

Yes, religion is more than our particular denomination, more than the frequency with which we attend church or a mosque, more than how much we put into the collection basket. Religion is how we treat each other. It is fairness, decency, generosity, kindness, and caring. It comes from inside and is manifested in our everyday acts and interactions.

We may be troubled if our child starts to question our beliefs or becomes cynical. But let us look further into his heart and soul before we castigate his spiritual commitment. His prayers may sound different than ours, but they come from the same place.

Call to Action: On this day, I pledge to do my religion so that my child will view it as a positive alternative to the soulless ways that are out there.

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