Two men hugging each other in a hallway.


Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge. They are chaotic, sometimes painful, sometimes contradictory, but they come from deep within us. And we must key into those feelings…. This is how new visions begin.

—Audre Lorde

We sometimes think we must quash our negative feelings, that nothing productive can come from them. But worry can move us to find a creative solution, envy can drive us to apply ourselves more, and even panic can make us look around for an alternative. The trick is in not getting locked into any one position, not getting scared stiff so that we cannot do anything to help ourselves.

Let’s be ready to legitimize and examine our feelings. Out of them we can harvest deeper insights,. potential opportunities and new visions for our lives.

Call to Action: On this day, I pledge to acknowledge all my emotions and find ways to make them work for me in a positive way.

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