For me, life is all about growth.

Janet Jackson

It seems we so often complain of boredom. We get stuck in routines that appear to leave no room for experimentation and play. Life can start to feel unbearably stale—nothing but unrelieved work, monotonous chores, and relentless demands by family, friends, and employers.

Perhaps we’ve stopped growing. We’ve forgotten to stretch ourselves, expose ourselves to new things and ideas, push our limits, and explore our talents.

Getting out of the rut needn’t entail a major commitment of time, money, or energy. We may find fun and gratification in attending a wine-tasting class with a friend, in trying out free weights at the gym. As parents, we’re entitled to some time for ourselves; it can enrich our minds, improve our bodies, and lift our spirits.

Call to Action: On this day, I will take five minutes to talk to my child about some new enterprise or area of interest I’ve discovered.

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