I have the original vision, and I see the film in its finished form before one frame is shot. When you get people dickering with your stuff, it distorts the vision.

Spike Lee

Not only artists have their vision. We all have a vision of our lives, which encompasses our dreams and gives us the picture of fulfillment. When we permit others to dicker with our vision, the distorted result can cease to inspire and motivate us. Perhaps we aspire to become the scientist who develops a cure for sickle-cell anemia; if we succumb to our parents’ exhortations to be a lawyer instead, we are bound to become resentful and fall short of our duties. We have cheated ourselves of our dreams.

Let’s not allow others to reduce the scope of our vision.

Call to Action: On this day, I will take five minutes to think about my vision of my life, and make at least one concrete gesture toward making that vision a reality.

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