It is impossible to raise and educate a race in the mass. All revolutions and improvements must start with individuals.

John W. E. Bowen

We African-Americans have our leaders to speak for us, our organizations to work for us, and our clergy to pray for us—but unless we, each and every one of us, make the individual commitment to rise to our full potential, we cannot expect our community to do the same.

It pains us when we hear and read of the problems our people face. Despair grips us, and for some, hopelessness sets in. What can we do when the enormity of the situation makes us wonder whether we have the energy or wherewithal to fight it?

We can each pledge to do our personal best. At school and at work, in our homes and in all our relationships with each other. Doing this we set an example for our children, and gradually, but steadily, we uplift ourselves.

Call to Action: On this day, I will take one concrete action to further me in one of my goals.

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