It was very, very important that my sons’ mother be a mother. They wanted, needed and deserved a mother. They didn’t need an author around the house.

Toni Morrison

Being constantly preoccupied with our careers while we are with our children sends a message: My career means more to me than you do. Yes, it’s a good idea to let our children see our dedication and industry, but let’s not carry it to the point where we do not leave a significant portion of ourselves for our children.

Our work will sometimes engender some negative emotions—frustration, disappointment, anger—which we must learn to file under “job” before interacting with our family.

Call to Action: On this day, I will not turn on the TV or the radio. And I will not do any “office” work until my child is asleep. I will first chat with, play a game with, play catch with, bake with, or participate in another activity with my child that requires interaction.

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