A man with dreadlocks is holding up his middle finger.


You shake man han’, you no shake him heart.

—Bahamian Proverb

It’s always a bit sad when we have to warn our children, and each other, not to be so trusting of others. It makes the world sound frightening and dangerous. There is no joy in always having to be on our guard. A degree of wariness can be wise, but automatic suspicion of everyone can turn us into loners focused only on the evil that lurks “out there.â€

Let’s simply be cautious in our dealings with others, trust our intuition if it seems to be generally on target, and accept that a handshake is an act of civility and not love. At the same time we need not erect impenetrable walls around ourselves, or suspect every smile. Mercifully, there is sincerity and friendship and romance in the world that can be ours if we are receptive to it.

Call to Action: I trust my judgment in gauging people and will take relationships one step at a time. On this day, I will allow my intuition about people to work, knowing that the good or ill will of those around me will be revealed.

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