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Express positive emotions of love, happiness, and self-confidence. Negative emotions are destructive; positive emotions heal.

John E. Copage

Negative emotions sap our mind and body. They make us snap at our children, pick fights with our mates, have an “attitude†at work. When we are so full of negative feelings, there’s no room for positive ones to come in—such as the love and affection of family and friends or opportunities for improving our lives.

Acknowledging the positive we do will put us in a better frame of mind and allow for more love, happiness, and self-confidence to enter our lives.

Call to Action:  On this day, I will take time with my child to jot on separate pieces of paper five things we have done that have given us pleasure or gratification today—anything from a half-hour walk at lunch to reading a story to cleaning out our closet.

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